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Dispersion of Sexuality

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As a lifelong artist, Carlos Burgess is always looking for the next opportunity to translate their everyday experiences into artistic expressions. Since March 2018, he has been the apart if the Hampton Roads art scene and is gaining increasing acclaim throughout the region.  His approach and output is constantly evolving as he hones his personal style. However, he refuse to be typecast and work hard to ensure he does not repeat himself. No matter what, Carlos Burgess approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.




Hey Carlos! I just opened my tile art! It’s so awesome!!! Thank you so much!


The inspiration that comes from watching you work. You are a gifted artist, genius really, and you inspire through your work. You bring art to life, invoking emotions, enjoyment and invoking creativity in others. I think inspiring others is your calling


Carlos, You don't need to do any more sketches.  I'm TRULY SOLD on the  one you drafted!

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